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Conditions of Hire

Go Golspie Community Bus Conditions of Hire

These conditions shall form part of the agreement for the hire of the Go Golspie Community Bus:

A Go Golspie Community Bus Hire Agreement (download PDF) is to be completed prior to the hire of the bus.

Keys are to be collected from a Go Golspie nominated person.

The hirer will be responsible for costs associated with malicious and wilful damage by passengers during the period of hire.

The hirer shall be responsible for the payment of the excess applicable to any insurance claim arising from the hire of the vehicle.

The hirer shall be responsible for all damage/repair costs attributable to the negligence on the part of the hirer.

The hirer shall ensure that the vehicle is returned at or prior to the designated time unless prior arrangements are made with nominated Go Golspie person.

The hirer shall nominate person/persons as the driver and shall not allow any other person to act as bus driver.

The hirer shall be liable for all repair /replacement costs associated with the vehicle in the event of an insurance claim being rejected due the actions of bus driver or a member of the hire group.Smoking is strictly NOT permitted on the bus.

The hirer shall be responsible for the following in regard to the bus:

Drivers must complete the Drivers Daily Check Sheet prior to driving.

Drivers must complete the vehicle log sheet before driving at the start of each day.

Any defects must be entered in the Defect form and the Defect form must be completed each day. Nil returns are required.

Drivers are to make themselves aware of the breakdown procedures which are contained in the vehicle folder.

If the first aid kit is used it must be recorded on the vehicle log sheet and an accident report recorded in the accident book.

The vehicle is provided in a clean condition and the hirer is responsible for ensuring that it is returned in the same condition.

All accidents must be reported to the Go Golspie Nominated person as soon as possible after the event. The number to call is 07423307523

The hire charge is set at a level that covers the overall cost of the bus as per the section 19 permit and is currently set at £0.90p per mile including the cost of fuel.

You can download Go Golspie Community Bus Conditions of Hire as a PDF file here