About GoGolspie

Go Golspie

is an organisation that has been set up to assist in the development of Golspie’s assets. The main aim of the group is to assist in Creating and improving Job opportunities along with affordable housing. The first part of this journey is to develop and manage this community Website for Golspie.


Go Golspie Vision and Aims

Our vision:

  • To   support our local community.
  • Help maintain, develop and improve the society, environment and economy of the Golspie community by developing sustainable, relevant and desired facilities and services.
  • Assist the community to achieve its collective needs and ambitions.

Our aims:

  • Go Golspie has been formed to benefit the community of Golspie.


Go Golspie (GG) was set up in 2015 by a local steering group and were assisted by An Roth Trading (Community owned consultancy company) to produce the initial development plan for the village and surrounding area. Currently the GG board comprises of 9 members who all live locally and meet monthly to manage the day to day planning and review. Since our last plan (2018) three new members have joined the board; Ian Sutherland, Valerie McKay and Amanda Macdonald. Current discussions and planning are taking place about community feedback to allow the board to form future longer term priorities with the community. The GG board will hold a fundraising and engagement event on Saturday 24th May 2019 in the fountain road Hall and by end June 2019 will also seek to engage both primary and secondary schools locally in collecting data to inform longer term priorities.

During 2018 we held two events within the village to talk to the community, one was the `Trip up the Ben` in August 18 where over 35 people accessed the top of the hill in 4 x 4`s. Over 50 people were involved in this event with local drivers giving their time and vehicles to transport those with limited mobility. In January 2019 we held an event in the Stags Head Hotel Golspie to launch the new community bus with an aim of growing our membership. (which is free) Again over 50 people attended this event. Our membership has now grown in the last year from 80 to 123 members.


    Transport continues to be a focus of need as identified within the Golspie Locality plan which was drawn up following residents feedback. The community bus has proved a great success with local users groups accessing the vehicle in its first three months of operation (Jan 19 to date). We have had block bookings for the bus from the Golspie Lunch club, the pipe band and are in discussions with Key housing at the moment. Brora Cubs, 2 x different football clubs have accessed the bus to go to Lossiemouth and Orkney and it has also been used for a birthday party day out for young children to Inverness.

    We now have 11 MIDAS trained drivers within another 5 identified for training and we have arranged another MIDAS training for May 2019. By which time we will have grown the volunteer driver base from 4 in 2018 to 16 in 2019. This bus has already undergone its first maintenance check and we are currently taking bookings for the bus by phone and email. However following a successful application to Foundation Scotland we have now put our Go Golspie website under maintenance and have entered into an agreement with the original website developer to upgrade the site and create a new on line booking system for the bus. We hope this will be operational by end of May 2019 so we can direct traffic to this community website for ease of booking.